Vengeance is Mine…

…sayeth the mosquito, which if you didn’t know, is the deadliest animal on the planet to humans!

After almost 4 months of drought with little or no rain the mosquitoes fell behind on their normal spring time propagation.  With the tropical wave system bringing 10″ of rain, the mosquito population has exploded.  They are very aggressive and I truly believe a few like the one in this picture landed on me.  They were huge and didn’t look like a normal mosquito. (one was even hairy looking).   (I’ll admit that I copied this photo off of the web, though I’m not saying it’s not a real picture!)

Screenshot 2018-06-26 at 3.30.09 PM

After the tropical wave blew through the hot weather settled in nicely giving us  mid 90s temperatures with a heat index into the mid 100s.  I know there were times I used the car air conditioner when I didn’t really need it and now I’m paying for it.  The A/C has quit and only blows out hot air, of which I do not need more of at the moment.  And when I pull up to an intersection with grass just along side the road, ‘those mosquitoes’ find their way into my car…so up go the windows.

In spite of the summer weather, I still try to get out and get my 3-5 mile walk in everyday, but even that is suffering.  As I walk and sweat, the mosquito spray starts washing off my body and before I get home the mosquitoes that were buzzing around me looking for a ‘clean and safe’ place to land have found several.  I know I look like a lunatic walking down the road swatting at the air all around me.

It’s a Mosquito Take Over the World plot.   There’s no getting around them-they were on this earth long before man and they are going to be on this earth long after man.  The only question is…will their face and size morph along the way before we disappear?  I hope not!



  1. If mosquitoes are going to take over the world we better start creating some really nice stories about them so we get on their good side and then can stage a coup. This sounds like the beginning of a really funny picture book. I think you have your intro above. 🙂 Mosquitoes are one of those creatures that seem like they have all the fun. Parties at late hours, freedom to fly wherever, bullies to the end. Who torments the mosquito with relentless ear buzzing?


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