New Discovery

I have a new camera, a point and shoot Canon SX 720 that does everything my EOS Canon could do.  The only problem I’ve had is figuring out how to make it do the things I want it to do.  My biggest problem was that I could never get it to focus when I zoomed in on something, until yesterday when  I discovered the macro button.

Shortly after it rained, I headed out the door to try out this new camera setting.

IMG_0026 - Edited

IMG_0042 - Edited (1)

The flowers were all fine and dandy but then this guy showed up on my porch looking and acting half dead,


until after probing him with a stick, I discovered why he was so lethargic…he was digesting.

IMG_0056 - Edited

IMG_0050 - Edited

As I got closer and closer with the camera, I knew he was getting aggravated with me when he lunged at the camera that was set on the ground in his face.  That’s when he went into defense mode.  Compare the shape of his body in the picture below to the first one above…kind of cool.


I left him alone but he quickly wandered off, most likely looking for a more secluded place to finish digesting his dinner and hunker down for a siesta.



  1. That macro lens is amazing! What fun to be able to get in so close to your subject. I was once an avid photographer but my cameras have been idle for decades. Your post reminded me of how much fun photography is as a hobby.


  2. Thanks Barbara. I wonder how much longer I’ll continue this hobby. Do you know photo albums are getting hard to find? I’ve enjoyed your photos of your trip…you still have the knack. 🙂


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