Hot Muggy Morning

My grand kids go to scout camp, so I write them each a letter to receive while they are there.  I am most inspired to write when I’m outside but right now it’s just too hot and muggy to sit outside to write…unless I’m sitting in the water.  Even though the temperature felt like 90 degrees by 8:00 AM, I asked my husband if he was up for spending the morning at the river-he could fish and I could sit at the water’s edge in my new beach chair splashing my feet while writing to my grand kids.   It never feels as hot when I’m in the water, but I could tell it was hot.  I could tell because vultures were lining the shore across the river drinking water…lots of water.  I didn’t get a picture of the vultures but did get the raven…they are SO thirsty.


I usually hear birds chirping and see them flitting around but not today…they were eerily quiet.  The only critters I heard were insects buzzing…you know that buzzing sound on hot summer days.  Oh yeah, and little fuzzy, white caterpillars kept crawling up my legs.


My husband enjoyed some fishing, I enjoyed some writing, and we both enjoyed being outside instead of cooped up in our air conditioned box.   🙂




  1. I bet your grandchildren love getting letters from you. And there is no better place to be, when it’s hot, ok, actually any time, than close to the water!

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  2. Up your legs 😲 yuk! But what a fantastic Gran, teaching them the love of words in letters. Letters penned next a lake, mid journey or within reach of a thisty Raven. From now on I will send a post card from each place we visit; why didn’t I do it before *sigh*. Great blog by the way 🙄


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