I’m still on vacation in beautiful Vermont, the greenest state I’ve ever seen in the summer time, trying to decide what SOL I will write about tonight.  There are so many things to write about that it’s hard to zero in on one little slice.  So, I got my big camera out.  The one with the mega lens that allows me to zoom in.  This lens always entices me.

I had fun zooming in on this common item and then by rotating it, the imagination comes up with different things.  For example, this could be looking down on a squid floating in the water,

IMG_7469 - Edited (1)

or a closed eyelid with a nice set of lashes,

IMG_7469 - Edited

or perhaps a bottle cap.  Have you figured out what this is?

IMG_7469 - Edited (2) (1)

Zooming in lets the imagination wonder

IMG_7468 - Edited

and wander.

IMG_4601 - Edited

And sometimes it’s just nice to explore tiny details up close.

IMG_4579 - Edited

I enjoyed playing with my camera and zoom lens that I have not used in a long time

IMG_4585 - Edited

and hope that whoever clicked on this post today enjoyed at least one of these photos.

Zoom in, look closely.  Secrets and surprises are everywhere just waiting to be explored.



    • Was wondering how close you were to the fires. At least you got your coastal trip in. I appreciate all the things you recommended for NYC. We had a BLAST. We did not get to do all we wanted and hope to go back within the next year to finish up our list. 🙂 I couldn’t post this on your blog so am posting it here.

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