Settling into Vermont



Just in the nick of time, we escaped the sweltering heat wave of the midwest to Jay Peak, Vermont.  We are staying about half way up the mountain and we’ve quickly learned that where ever we walk, it’s either walk steeply uphill or downhill.  We have already logged in several miles of hiking, including a hike to the top of Jay Peak for a spectacular view of Vermont.  Cool temperatures with night time lows of 50s and daytime highs of 60-70 have been most refreshing.


I’ve also learned we are either ‘on the mountain’ or ‘off the mountain’.  We have made two day trips ‘off the mountain’, spending one day driving the Grand Isles of Lake Champlain exploring the sights and sounds of island life and swimming at Sand Bar Beach.  I thought the water would be Lake Superior cold but the crystal clear water was actually warm enough for swimming.  Ok, I’ll confess that I love seagulls and enjoyed seeing them at the lake when I normally just see them at the beach.


Not real sure if there would be a language barrier, we threw caution to the wind and drove up to Montreal, Canada to mosey around the old port.  We saw all of the iconic sights and enjoyed the cuisine.  When seated at a restaurant, the waitress greeted us with ‘Bonjour’ and I responded with ‘Bonjour’, quite convincingly I suppose.  She immediately started talking French until I confessed that I did not speak French but for a few words.  She complimented me that she couldn’t tell.  Wanting to taste something we don’t normally get to eat, we both ordered Duck Confit with smoked cheese and mango and tarragon salsa with a salad.  And for dessert we had Ice cream in a crepe with caramel sauce drizzled over the top.  Dinner and dessert were absolutely delicious!  After strolling the piers and cobblestone streets exploring the architecture and art in the churches, before leaving we had to try the highly recommended, Poutine-French fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy which was uniquely different, but surprisingly good.


With all the sights and sounds, I was tickled to see this guy show up while we were eating lunch.  I’m sure he was looking for a little snack but there was not a morsel of food left on my plate to share.


I’ve posted a few pictures of my trips off the mountain, but my favorites are the ones on the mountain that I was not able to snap.  One morning I was sitting out on the deck with my coffee when I heard a ruckus in the tree and looked over to see a crow drop to the ground at the same time I saw a frog jump.  The crow reached out, grabbed the frog, and flew off with 4 limbs hanging from it’s mouth.  This morning driving down the mountain, I watched a doe with her two spotted fawns lumber across the road.  But my favorites are my Foxy Loxy moments.  On my sunset walk this evening, a fox darted across the road about 20′ in front of me.  And while sipping my morning cup of coffee at the table two days ago, a fox walked right up to our back deck so close I could see his eye lashes.  Later that morning, while hiking up to the summit, a fox came trotting down the trail with breakfast…and I was able to snap its picture, just in the nick of time!

IMG_3852 - Edited



  1. This sounds (and looks) like an awesome trip! What fun, and so beautiful! I have a friend who lives in Vermont — but it’s been forever since I’ve been able to visit her. Your post is making me itch for a visit!

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  2. What a fabulous trip! Vermont is stunning and your pictures and words certainly do it justice!! I especially enjoyed reading about that poor frog and your fox encounters. Great descriptions!

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  3. I love it when Nature comes calling, I feel so grateful and so honoured that they show themselves to me. I love sitting watching the birds in my garden and listening to the different calls and responses. What a wonderful photo of the fox.

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