The Long Way to Vermont

Over the rivers-the Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, Wabash (no cannonballs) and Allegheny and through the hills and national forests we drove and drove and drove…and drove and drove through tons and tons of construction and traffic…for 12.5 hours, making it to Brookville, PA the first night (12.5 hours of driving) and then over to Harford and up to Newport, VT the next night.  We took the longer route to avoid state highways (not my choice).  But at least we drove 23 hours through some beautiful countryside in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut,  Massachusetts, and Vermont.  FYI…we drove a lot through Ohio also but there was SO much road construction it was hard to enjoy the countryside.  We are not going home through OH…and that’s my choice!
Van traveling was sweet!  (We just bought a van and this is our first trip.)  The seats are comfortable, feeling like we were sitting in a chair not a car, like our little tiny Honda.  Lots of space for packing so that I could bring extra frills…like our percolator coffee pot, rice maker, electric skillet, and art crate.  Always fun to travel with the comforts of home-we’ll be gone more than a month.  🙂  While up here at the top of Vermont, we hope to get over to Montreal and Quebec.  Anybody have any favorite ‘must sees’?
Van learning curve…before leaving home my husband and I were behind the van and he bent over to pick something up just as I opened the hatch and ZING…I got him in the top of the head with the corner.  OUCH!  Now he has a nice gash…poor guy…and not one single expletive!
We were gassing up in Ohio, exchanging pleasantries with the guy fueling in front of us.  As we were both walking back to our vehicles he said we were the first friendly people he’d come across all day.  He said seeing as we were from MO, he thought we might be and asked where we were from.  We are from a very small town, so I gave him nearby larger towns that outsiders may have heard of.  As we whittled the location down, it turns out he’s from the same town (we are newbies so don’t know too many long time ago locals).  But he knew others from town and sent his regards.  Absolutely amazing to run into someone so far from home.
And now…let the Green Mountains exploring begin.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look and see if it’s along one of our excursion routes and will let you know. 🙂


  2. That is some trek you have just driven. I’m planning a much shorter trip up through Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont in August, places I haven’t been in several years. I’d suggest that if you get to Quebec City, the only walled city in North America, take a boat cruise along the St. Lawrence River past stupendous waterfalls. If you’re in a van, I don’t know whether you can drive the back, unpaved roads of Vermont, but those dirt roads take you through the villages where locals live.


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