Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine


This evening I pushed myself to jog a mile, a slow jog it was-but a mile I jogged.  Out on a shady country gravel road, my huffing and puffing release of carbon dioxide was attracting insects galore.  I inhaled a gnat (gag), had delta flies pinging my head (ouch), and even had my own satellite (a horsefly) orbiting my head for about a tenth of a mile before I could knock it off its course (maddening).  And my walking dog partner, Ole Riley Dog, didn’t quite know how to handle this change of pace and kept getting too close to my feet.

The past couple of days have been a reprieve from the heat, allowing me to keep the windows open, enjoying the fresh air.  The weather has also been nice for taking some longer than usual walks, looking for interesting things to photograph.  On one 5 mile walk, I set off with my camera and took a couple of pictures before I realized I had forgotten to replace the SD card, thus, carrying it for nothing.  Fortunately, I was prepared when I came upon these sunflowers in a garden and the lady was kind enough to let me photograph them.

Tomorrow the summer heat returns and there is only one place to be on a very hot and humid summer day…on the river swimming and fishing.  At least when I’m standing in the river fishing and a horse fly starts buzzing around my head, all I have to do is throw up a handful of water; it disappears instantly and I get cooled down.



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