Fishing For Ideas


Nothing beats the joy of a kid catching a fish.  One of the things on my grand daughter’s list during her visit, was to fish our pond.  We spent a day on the river with the canoe, banking it to play and fish but she didn’t want to fish then.  She said, “Oh, I’ll fish in your pond where I KNOW I’ll catch fish.”  And fish she caught.  When we were getting ready to fillet the fish she asked for the tape measure so she could measure the fish like her dad and grandpa.  I even taught her how to fillet with the electric knife, though, she was more interested in exploring the organs of the fish than filleting (yes we had a fish anatomy science lesson).  And that evening, we fried them up for dinner.  I love that she’s willing to try all sorts of atypical girl activities as well as the typical ones.   🙂

And nothing beats the joy of planning a vacation, so now I’m fishing…for ideas.  We are going to spend some time in Vermont with side trips to Quebec, Montreal, and New York City, so I thought if readers posted their #1 favorite thing to do or see in any one of these places I might get some really great ideas.  My favorite thing to do in new places after seeing the iconic tourist attractions, is to get off the beaten path and discover the local restaurants and culture.   So all suggestions will be appreciated.  🙂



  1. Nyc …things u need to see …. World Trade Center. Times Square grand central station. Empire State Building. Ride the subway Go in a taxi. Go to an Irish pub (playwright). Go to the meat packing district and find a rooftop bar. Also over there are the train tracks that they turned into a garden. Statue of Liberty if u can get there. South street sea port. Go to Washington square park for some live music and Greenwich village is right there they have so awesome shops. Bryant park just because. The flat iron building for pictures. Heck go on the hop on hop off bus that would be easier to get around but subways always quick. Walk around Central Park by the natural museum of history. Really nice area Be careful in the park at night.

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  2. A must-do in New York City is to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, preferably not when it’s too hot or you’ll bake. It’s a fabulous view of the city and Brooklyn; nothing else like it. It’s also fun to wander around Battery Park City at the tip of Manhattan, and by all means take the Staten Island Ferry (for free) to Staten Island and immediate return trip. This is the BEST view of Manhattan bar none. The High Line in Chelsea is nice for a walk, but it’s usually mobbed with tourists, so go either very early or late.

    We used to visit a lovely town in Ludlow, Vermont every summer where Okemo Mt. ski resort is located. It’s a sweet little town, with lots of live music (often free) and a lovely lake, Echo Lake, a few minutes drive from down which is very old fashioned and fun for the kids and grownups. Burlington, VT is also a lovely city with some nice breweries and plenty of water (lake) activities.

    It’s been decades since I’ve been to Quebec. Please write about it if you get there. I’d like to reacquaint myself, and think of going there every once in a while.

    Happy Trails!


    • Thank you for your suggestions Barbara. You are the second person today to mention walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, so it’s on my list. I will be posting while on my trip. 🙂 We leave in about 3 weeks, so if you think of anything else, please let me know. I continue to enjoy your Spain posts and photos. 🙂


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