The Mailbox

Who doesn’t love receiving a personal letter or card in the mail???  I was excited to paint this picture of a row of weathered, rusty mailboxes.   My colors came out a bit dark, so if I repainted it I would lighten them up a bit.  But I love the picture.  When I look at it, I get a warm, fuzzy feeling thinking of all of the mail I have received in my box over the years when writing letters was the way to communicate because long distance calls cost a fortune.

I love being able to send emails for quick communication or pick up the phone for any whim of a thought since I have unlimited long distance.  But I still get excited when I open up my mailbox and see a personal letter or card sitting in there waiting for me.  I used to tear into the envelope immediately but since I get so few, I now savor the moment.  I wait until I have some down time and make a glass of iced tea and sit out on my porch swing to read and enjoy the letter, hearing the writer’s voice as I read.

Writing a letter to someone takes time.  And most of us have the time to sit and write but don’t make that a priority.  But truly, we should all make time to sit down and write because writing warms the heart, I think because it is calming.  It also improves memory (that’s a great one for aging minds) and inspires creativity.  I always feel wonderful and happy after I’ve written to someone.

Can you do it?  Take the challenge?  Set aside a half hour once a week and write a hand written letter to someone?  Give it a try.  (It’s a great summer idea for kids, too!)



  1. I also love getting “real mail” as we call it in my family. It doesn’t happen very often, but it is such a joy when it does. There is a level of thoughfulness and reflection in a real mail that doesn’t seem to happen in snail mail.

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    • Thanks for your comment. You are right, there is more thoughtfulness in a hand written letter than an email. :)And they’re more fun to read, too. Letters can be tucked in books and are a double surprise when found much later.n 🙂


  2. I also love getting hand written letters in the mail. For years, in the summer, I would have my boys write letters to their grandparents or cousins in a far off state. It was always thrilling when they got something back, in return. My oldest wants to “restart” this with his grandparents this summer.” I hope they reciprocate.

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    • I hope so too! I write back and forth with my grandkids. They love getting letters and have fun writing back. Thanks for your comment. 🙂


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