On my walk this morning I was intrigued with these two emerging thistles and thought, “A thistle’s my sunshine on a cloudy day, along with a whistle to blow my cares away.”

I guess I’ve been intrigued with the thistle since junior high when I drew this ink sketch in art.

But the question is why?  I love its purple color with all of its spikes an love the leaves and their texture.

This is a brand new budding thistle

growing next to one that had a couple of days head start.

So I went to this neat book filled with flower definitions

to read about the thistle.

Alas…together they stand

“tough and durable, defiant against aggressors.”

I couldn’t decide on a title so looked up the genus name for thistle which is Cirsium.  I then discovered the ‘higher classification’ is the Daisy family, my favorite flowers; when I see them, my heart is always filled with joy.


And now I know why I was drawn to the thistle today.



  1. You have woven so much emotion into this post. I’m sorry hurtful words were said. I suppose time does heal, but the hurt stays a long time.

    I never knew that about Thistles. Love your sketch of them. They way you described teaching children about hurtful words is powerful, something they will not forget.

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