Walking with Riley

flag iris

I discovered these irises hiding in some grass alongside the road on my walk. this evening  I went for a 3 mile walk with Ole Riley Dog, my surrogate pet.  I think he’s about 10 years old in human years and he’s still cute and fuzzy like a pup.


He loves to walk with me but was quite sly this evening, as if he was really too tired to walk but could not pass up the opportunity.  Part of my course is walking to the end of a  road and turning around.  That stinker saw the direction I was heading, stopped in the road and waited for me to walk to the end of the road and turn around.   He did this on 3 occasions acting  tired and yet, when I told him it was time to go home, he got all sad with pouting eyes.  No kidding-this dog really does pout and look sad when things don’t go his way.  Talk about a dog with character!  🙂  He always makes my walk interesting.

As I came up over a hilltop I saw the tall fescue grass and tree tops bathing in the golden glow of the sunset,

golden fexcue

and then enjoyed the sun as it dropped down below the horizon.

golden sunset

So what do you think…can dogs intentionally pout and look sad?



  1. Dogs are capable, I think, of many things…pouting included. My wife is out of town this week, and as I leave for school each morning I think my dog turns on her pouty guilt ray to full blast as I leave her alone. Thanks for a wonderful slice!

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    • Basset hounds are adorable. I always think of the Hush Puppy Commercials when I see a basset hound. Remember those?


    • Ole Riley has some happy eyes, too! Pets are amazing how they learn to respond to our actions. Pavlov was on to something. 🙂


    • Thanks. It IS amazing the human characteristics the animals imitate. I guess that’s why their species easily domesticated. I’ll read your story. 🙂

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  2. Yes! And this reminded me of my dog — I love to take him on walks — and believe me, he needs to get his energy out. But often, he’ll just decide he’s done with his walk and sit down in the grass to relax. SO annoying. But, cute too. 🙂 It must be the day of pet stories! I just read the squished shirt sol from hannanabanana… and I wrote about my dog today too! 🙂

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    • Thanks…I’ll have to go read those two stories. And here I thought, “What a lame SOL writing about the dog on my walk.” haha


  3. Why is Riley your surrogate pet? Are you pet sitting or is he your neighbor’s dog? A pout is just a smile turned upside down on a dog. It just indicates a
    shade less enjoyment. He stops before the end because he can’t bear to see the end of a good walk, even when he knows he gets to walk back home again. Dogs have a different logic. You are expected to realize all this. See “A Letter to Two Bad (Misunderstood) Dogs on my blog and their reply the next day. We will educate you as they’ve educated me!

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