Getting Anxious

It’s been 5 years since we’ve been able to put the canoe in the water and go fishing on the river in May.  The water level was low and safe at 4′ by the bridge and the air was summertime hot.  Today, the river is 24′ at the bridge, slowly coming down from its record breaking 36′ which actually went over the bridge.  When we canoe under it and look w…a…y up there, it seems impossible that the water could ever get that high.


It will be interesting to see what changes were made from the rushing flood waters.  New fishing holes will form while old favorites will disappear.  Even the course of the river changes opening up new channels and cutting off others.  I’m starting to get that twitch in the wrist…ready to cast and more anxious to catch.  It will probably be at least June, but may not be until July (like it was last year).  It all depends on how much rain we get.  Will this be it and we go into drought like conditions or is this the beginning of a very wet season?  Only time will tell…and patience must prevail.


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