Zoom In

“Must get to higher ground…rains are coming.”  I love zooming in on subjects I photograph as much as I do taking wide angle photos.

IMG_7108 (800x533)

The pitter patter of rain drops

IMG_6753 (800x533)

quickly turned to a torrential downpour that lasted all night long filling up our pond until it was flowing over the emergency spillway.  The water was coming through this 6″ pipe with the gusto of water from a fire hose.  Zooming in and taking a freeze frame produced an interesting picture…see the face with vacant eyes looking back?

IMG_2335 (800x600)

Those eyes reflect my sentiments with all of this rain, leaving me only one course…’pop a top’ and enjoy a soda.  🙂

IMG_0042 - Copy (800x533)

In between bands of rain, we  were able to get out and walk in the refuge.  Lo and behold, I heard a pair of mating owls calling back and forth to each other.  No picture, but then none was needed as I stood there, ears turned and zoomed in, listening to the pair hooting back and forth.

Z is for zooming in and then zooming out to look back and see that I completed the A to Z challenge.  🙂



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