Yellow is the Color

Yellow.  It’s a simple word that fills the world with light.  I love the color yellow, especially in nature.  Yellow flowers, birds, sunrises, sunsets vibrantly burst forth with color that always puts a smile on my face.


A long time ago, I read an article by Martha Stewart that every room should have yellow in it to make it cheerful.  When I walk into a room and see my yellow cookie jar in my kitchen, a yellow rose on my dresser, or a yellowish blanket on my couch, it really is comforting and cheerful.

Now, the only time I don’t wish to see yellow, accompanied with orange or red, is on the weather map because that means a LOT of rain, and it’s a LOT of rain we are getting at the moment.  The clouds and rain may dull the sense, but all I have to do is look around my home to cheer me up.




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