I wanted to find a really good X word for this post.  My dictionary is among a stack of books under the TV antennae raising it as high as possible for reception, so I turned to the net.  I had to click at least 3 times to find a new word and read the definition and that became too frustrating.  As a last resort I decided to use a children’s dictionary in the classroom I was substituting in today.  Much to my dismay, I could not find a single dictionary in the classroom.  Seriously?  No dictionaries for ABC order practice and looking up definitions?  I used to love flipping through the dictionary in school.   Gone is the thrill  of opening the book and discovering new words.  Are classrooms truly depleted of these humongous books that took up way too much shelf space?  I am an avid proponent of technology and I do realize how easily information is at the tap of a key.   Obviously, finding an X word on the computer was too taXing for me, since I’ve resorted to using a word with an X in it as opposed to a word that begins with X for the A to Z challenge.

And a photo?  My husband and I love to hike and take a lot of vacations that include hiking…eXtreme hiking.  We’ve hiked mountains in the Rockies, trails down into Grand Canyon and just recently did a lot of hiking in the northeast.  We scaled straight up the beehive dome pulling up on ladder rungs in Acadia National Park.

beehive 3

and hiked the most eXtreme mountain of all, Mt Washington in New Hampshire.   The Cog railroad tracks cross the hiking path, of which we had to cross with winds gusting up to 70 mph…NO kidding.  I could barely keep my balance to stand long enough for this picture.  Thank goodness it didn’t happen on the rails, but at one point on the trail the wind gusted so hard it knocked me down to my knees.

mt wash2

mt wash

Looking through these photos has me eXasperated that we don’t have a hiking trip planned…yet!  And that’s as good as it gets for the letter X.



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