What in the World?

When I used to teach, weekly I posted a picture under the title, “What in the World?”  Most often it was a zoomed in picture of something familiar and the kids had a week to figure out the name of the object.  When shut up inside the house all day due to rain, I was sifting through pictures and came across a few that fall under this title.

This picture conjures up good memories of a day trip across the Mexican border sitting in a side garden enjoying the culture.  When I looked up into the tree above, I saw this fig.  My mouth watered at the thought of eating a fresh plucked fig, but it was …just out of reach.


I took this photo for a texture challenge after I dumped a cooler of ice in the grass.


This was taken in town growing up the side of a building.  I’ve no clue what type of plant it is, but love the symmetry.


And last but not least, my favorite.  I saw this guy and his wife while hiking in Colorado and did a double take when I saw his hiking mascot hanging off of his back pack, so I had to ask for his story.  His comment, “It’s always nice to have a beaver on the trail with you.”  Stunned, I glanced at his wife who just rolled her eyes as if she’d heard that comment one too many times, and then we all cracked up laughing and went on our merry way.


Look around…W is for wondering, ‘What in the World?’


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