Vexing Day

Today was a vexing day.  Nothing went according to my plan due to the weather.  My plans for today were changed as well as those for this weekend, which included seeing my grandkids.   And then my revised plans were a bust, too.

One small piece of joy was seeing this iris open up.  To welcome the day in all its splendor, it began its journey yesterday opening up.  I know I’ve posted a picture of an iris before but that was taken alongside the road.  This is one I transplanted last year in my front yard, so I’m most proud.  There were two more taller buds that my visiting nephew whacked off with the wiffle bat this past weekend.  I cringed as I watched it happen but had some comfort seeing there were still two more buds to bloom.  So at least I got to see one flower from this plant.


The sun showed itself briefly this morning and then ducked behind clouds for the remainder of the day.  I was able to squeeze in a walk before the first round of storms, and then on my way to the mailbox in between rounds, I snapped this leaf donning water drops.  I do believe I’m inspired to try and paint this-or at least draw it.

water drop leaf

While the storms began their sojourn, I was in the kitchen making some pie crust for our strawberry shortcake dessert.  The crust with strawberries and whipped cream gives the dessert a bit of a crunch, and I love it much more  than sponge cake which gets all squishy from the juice.  Strawberry shortcake is a summer time dessert.  At least I ended my day with a burst of sunshine-berrily!


Tantalizing my taste buds,  at least this dessert did not vex me…V is for a Vexing Day.



    • This is great. I remember well, the color of Vicks, though have not used it in a very long time. I may just get some and try it on the temples and under the nose for a bit of relief. 🙂

      Blogspot won’t let me comment with my wordpress blog. 😦


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