Raindrops and Rainbows

The pitter patter of raindrops  that started yesterday have increased to a steady rain today.  We are now up to almost 2″ with more still falling.   There are some that aren’t bothered by the rain and are a treat to eyes peering through the window.

eagle 2


The rainbow is another treat that most often comes with rain.    This vibrant neon colored rainbow was actually taken last year on a hike along Grand Canyon Rim after a light shower.  Rainbows always put a smile on my face and make me feel blessed.


Whether it’s raindrops or rainbows, the pitter patter of music tapping on my rooftop can lull me to sleep even in the middle of the day, so for the A to Z challenge, R definitely stands for Raindrops and Rainbows.  (Don’t you like how I found a way to get that eagle picture into my post for R today?)



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