Quilt Tops

I’m not a quilter but I love making quilts, as in sewing the pieces together.  I’ve always been fascinated with sewing since I was old enough to piece patterns together.  It’s always fascinated me to start with a piece of cloth, cut out the pattern pieces, and sew them together to create a garment.  In fact, I made a lot of my clothes in high school.  But the one thing I never could stand to do was hand sew something.  Zip it through the machine-no problem; hand sew it-BLAH.

After years of marathon runs and 10K runs, my husbands ‘trophy shirts’ filled up 3 drawers of his dresser.  I saw a quilt at a runner’s pre-race convention and thought, “I can do that!”  After a bit of research and looking at several samples, I started making t-shirt quilts.  I did everything but quilt it, leaving that to someone with a quilting machine.   Here’s the quilt I made with all of my teacher spirit  shirts after I retired.


What else can Q stand for but for Quilts, or in my case, Q is for Quilt Tops.


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