Owl on a Fence Post

In my nostalgic mood yesterday, I stumbled across a couple of photos that brought back great memories.  I always get excited whenever I see an owl and can remember the few times I’ve seen them.  Whenever I do see one, I stand in awe watching them as they are watching me.   What amazes me is how quietly they can take flight from a perched position.  Not a single feather ruffles.  I know this because when I was walking in the woods, one took flight directly in front of me and I didn’t hear a single sound.  If I hadn’t seen him, I would never have known he was there.  I’m always on the lookout for owls when I’m walking, but it’s difficult because to spot them I have to be looking up in the treetops-and that’s hard when walking through the woods without tripping over branches, because if there’s a branch to trip over, I’ll find it.

Imagine my surprise when I was driving to town and saw an owl perched on a barb wire fence post alongside the road.  I was giddy with excitement as I went zipping by, thrilled to see it.  Remembering I had my camera with me, on my way back I drove a little bit slower and he was still there.  When I slowed down as I approached, he sensed fear and took off in front of me across the road to the woods…but not before I could snap a picture of him.  For the A to Z Challenge, O is for Owl hanging Out on a fence post!

I’m also thrilled that Lanny Ball referenced and linked my blog story ‘CLouds’ in the SOL post for today.  I want to thank him and everyone else for taking the time to click on my blog and read a few stories.  🙂


I can’t say it’s one of my better pictures, but at least I was able to snap a photo before he flew off.



  1. I love seeing owls out during the daytime! Our acreage is surrounded by woods, and at night, the Barred and Great Horned owls are very vocal. Every once in a great while, we get Screech Owls up by the house too! They are so cool, but eerie in their calls! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this slice with us! 🙂


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