Well, I’m stumped as to what to write about for the letter N.  I realize that I am most often inspired to write about something I recently took a photo of, but I did not take any photos today.  (Whew, I don’t say that very often.)  So, I’m stumped.

When I retired, we moved from the suburbs to a rural community because my husband and I have always loved the country, and this was our dream for 30 years.  To connect with friends and family, I started up a blog to write about and share my experiences living in a rural community.   While sitting here trying to figure out what to write about, I went back to the first day of that blog and discovered my first post was almost 7 years to the day (April 14th).  I’ve written about all the trials and tribulations of relocating to a new community, retirement, family gatherings, nature-whatever my photos inspired.

As I sit here this evening rereading and reminiscing about when we first moved here not knowing a soul,  I’m so thankful that I have met some wonderful people and have made a couple of really special friends.   Sometimes it’s nice to walk down memory lane but life is even better living in the moment, enjoying the blessings gifted.  I wake up every morning ready to live each moment to the fullest, but for the A to Z challenge today,  N is for Nostalgia and looking back.

lizard in congaree

(This is a photo taken at Congaree National Park last fall.)



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