“Jeremiah was a bullfrog!”  Remember ‘Joy to the World’ by Three Dog Night?  I always loved that song growing up and thought of it today while I was working in the woods and heard some frogs singing their croaky song.   As I worked hauling limbs and logs to the fire I wondered what I might write about tonight.  After a day of  very Hard physical labor, I didn’t think I had the energy to even type out a short post.

But as I sat here with my feet propped up looking at the few pictures I took earlier today, I knew I’d write.  I was sitting in a chair under a tree eating lunch when I noticed again, the art work my grand kids drew on our dirty truck.  And it filled me with joy to see traces of them weeks after they’ve gone home.  (It’s futile to try and keep this truck clean living on a gravel road, so the only washing is what the rain does.)  The images were faint, but I retraced them and smiled at all of the smiley faces they left for me.


I love seeing the May Apple flowers in the springtime woods.  There were lots of plants but only one flower, but then, it only takes one flower to put a smile on my face.


This morning we woke up with a little bit of fog lying in the low areas and rolling off of our pond.  I thought this was a really neat photo of double sun’s rays fanning out-first through the trees and then reflecting off the water.


It was a great day to be outside working and an even better day when I sat down this evening to look through my pictures.  My day was filled with joy from the minute the sun began to rise.  And for the A to Z Challenge, J is ‘Joy for you and me.’



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