High on a Hilltop

Growing up we lived on a steep hill and played King of the Hill for hours on end.  And we played rough.  There were never any broken bones from slinging someone down the hill, but plenty of bruises and we came back to play day after day.  (I think now at the energy and calories we burned playing outside all day until the streetlights came on…that was the golden rule-be home when the streetlights came on.)

Building on top of a hill is probably not the smartest thing to do when it comes to thunderstorms and high winds, tornadoes and wicked winter storms, (lots of worries) but being on a hilltop sure does offer some phenomenol views.  It’s warm spring days with a gentle breeze blowing across the porch while I sit on my porch swing watching the world go by that I truly am happy with where we built our home.  H is for living High on a Hilltop.





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