#A to Z Challenge-Exergize

I had to come up with a catchy title so I made up my own word by combining two.  That is the trend now , right?  As I sat watching the sun set after my exercise class, I reflected on my day spent gathering ‘stuff’ for a yard sale this weekend.  It’s pitiful the amount of stuff one accumulates over a life time.  But now is the time to down size.  I figure it’s better for me to purge my stuff than for my kids to have to down the road.

There are very few clouds in the sky, so I fixated on the one cloud hanging just above the setting sun.  Zoomed all the way in, the top layers was fuzzy and pink.

eggyolk sun2

Zoomed in it looks like a flower-perhaps a black eyed Susan, a spaceship, and a tadpole.  Another angle made me think of a fried egg and that made me think of breakfast in the morning.  I’ll have to get up early, eat fast, and get into town to sell, sell, sell.


I didn’t get to do any official walking today because I spent the day hauling and lifting my ‘stuff’, but I did get to exercise class this evening and enjoyed the workout and fellowship with the other ladies.  I love working out because I energize when I exercise, so E is for Exergize.



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