#A to Z Challenge-Day is Done

We live on a dirt road, so it is inevitable that our cars and truck will always be covered with a layer of dust.  It’s impossible to keep the  vehicles clean, so I do the next best thing and draw pictures in the dirt.  Yup!  I drive around town with happy faces and pictures drawn all over the vehicles.  Now  my grandchildren draw pictures on the vehicles whenever they are down and leave behind traces of love that lasts for days and days depending on the weather.

dirt art

Whenever I sign my letters I sign it with a 5 pointed happy face.  This is my grand daughter’s attempt to replicate what I draw and I love it.  She signs all of her letters with her happy gal which sometimes has long hair.  When I saw the clouds, I dashed inside to get my camera so I could get a picture of her art before it was washed away.

day is done

I snapped my picture just as it was drizzling when I felt like I was being watched, and I was.


In fact I had quite the audience.  I love walking the dirt road after a good rain because the deer prints are so distinct.  What’s even more fun is when I follow the prints, as if they too, were just moseying down the road.  It’s time to prop my feet up and chill out because D is for the Day is Done.


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