#A to Z Challenge 2017-Art Show


My friend barely had to twist my arm to excite me about taking the A-Z challenge after just completing the Slice of Life challenge, because I enjoy blogging.  No.  I LOVE blogging.  I have a blog for my hiking/camping adventures, one for my Winter Texan beach adventures, one for my everyday adventures living the rural (I mean really rural) life, and this one for sharing with the world.

I love doing a lot of things but I believe my greatest passion is behind the lens of a camera, so I decided to focus more on photography for this month’s challenge.

We have a small group that loves to paint, so we get together once a week to paint an acrylic painting from various you tube artists that love to teach.  It was an added bonus that our little tiny local museum housed in our very own vintage train depot is having an Art show this month honoring the local talent.  And so, for the first time in a very long time, I have some artwork on display and am feeling proud.  And so, A is for Art!



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