Sing Your Song

red barn.jpg

As the sun sets, it sends forth its last burst of golden light and then dips below the horizon.  The day is done, but the light and warmth lingers.  Much like our month long writing challenge, the final day is here but the joy of writing and the thrill of meeting the daily challenge will linger.

This was my second year to participate but it’s my first year to post every single day. In spite of having the wrong time zone from the other side of the world set on my blog, traveling one day this month and having 9 days consumed with grandkids staying with me, I was able to  write about a slice (or at least a sliver) of my day, every day.


There are so many creative authors I’ve enjoyed reading and corresponding with this month.  Thanks for taking the time to pop in and rest a minute to read my posts and take the time to comment.  Like the meadowlark, I hope everyone continues to sing their song and write at every opportunity.




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