Bear Cubs

Living out in the country, there is always wildlife.  I think one of my favorite things is lying in bed at night with the windows open and hearing the coyotes howl as they make their night time rounds.  Sometimes they sound like they are right outside my window.  I’ve even gotten out of bed to try and sneak a view of them but have never seen them.

Over the course of the past 7 years that I’ve lived here, I’ve heard of bear sightings 15-20 miles away.  And then a couple of years ago, there was a bear sighting  a few miles from here.  Now it seems tonight a teenager spotted a couple of small bears (cubs maybe) in my field working their way into the neighbors woods.  I’m excited because I’d love to spot some bears (actually I’d love to photograph them), but seriously, I don’t want to have to worry about them when I’m out walking.  Realistically though, I believe it was my neighbor’s dogs the young man saw heading back to their own wooded property.  She got two black pups last fall, so I called her and asked if her black dogs were out tonight.  She said they were and that they’ve grown a lot and have gotten fluffy.

So, I think the young lad spotted the dogs and thought they were bears.  Honestly, if you really want to see something…your mind will play tricks on you.  I’ll stick with my state motto, “Show Me”.  When I see two black bears with my own eyes…I’ll believe it!  🙂



  1. Although I live in a city, it has a huge urban forest in the middle of it, and there have been several verified sightings of bear cubs over the years, right in the middle of downtown or residential areas. So I am crossing my fingers that you will see some bear cubs!

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    • Isn’t that amazing to have bears right there in an urban area. I wouldn’t mind seeing them at a safe distance but not while I’m out walking by myself. 🙂


  2. Ha! I love how you wrapped up your slice. So true that we can usually talk ourselves into practically anything. Even fooling our eyes once in a while. Maybe someday, from a safe distance, you’ll get the chance to have a real bear spotting.

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  3. We’ve had black bears raiding the honey bees at a local apiary, which is within 15 miles of our house! It’s pretty exciting, but we know the beekeeper, and the bears are pretty destructive to the hives! Either way, to hear their “might” be bears around, wow! 🙂

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