Pho 8 Vietnamese Noodle Shop

Living in rural America makes popping over to the mall a bit more of a challenge.  It becomes an all day event.  (I know.  There are some who could live right next door to a mall and have no problem spending an entire day there.)  But I’m not a shopper so having to spend the better part of my day at the mall trying on dresses after an hour’s drive to get there, doesn’t rank as one of my favorite things to do.

I was thankful that my friend said she’d accompany me, which made the long drive fly by with great conversation.  Not once did I get antsy about being behind a slower driver on a narrow 2 lane road that’s scary for passing.   She was ever so patient as I tried on over 20 dresses (ugh).  There were so many cute dresses that looked good on me except they were just too short for my age.  (blah).  Finally I found one that fit all of the requirements (yippee) and we were ‘out of there’ and heading over to Pho 8 for lunch.  Is that a chain restaurant?  I really don’t know.

It was the first time for both of us to eat there and we loved the food, shrimp egg rolls and soup.  (yum)  Plus, we were there after the lunch crowd which made for a relaxing lunch, the perfect way to unwind from dressing up.  Pho sure…it turned out to be a nice day with a very sweet friend.



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