A Chipper Day


Yesterday after the family left, I did nothing but watch some Cheers reruns, catch up on reading my favorite SOL blogs, and go for a walk.  Today was back to the real world of life-cleaning house after a week of kids, sweeping and mopping floors, and washing sheets-lots of sheets and towels.  After grocery shopping, I decided to download a you tube art video that took an hour only to find out I downloaded the MP4 version-sound but no picture.  So I tried again and I’m sure it was just luck and that I’ll never be able to do it a second time, I downloaded it with pictures and sound.  The video version only took a half hour, leaving me aggravated I messed it up the first time around.  I was going to paint today since it was raining all afternoon and started getting supplies out, but the cookie jar beckoned.

Naturally when the kids left, the cookie jar was empty.  And there is one thing I love with my first cup of morning coffee and that is a couple of homemade cookies.  So, I pulled out all of the ingredients to make Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies.  I’ve been using their recipe for 40+ years now as it’s tried and true and makes THE best chocolate chip cookies, EVER.  The trick to the perfect cookie is all in the mixing of the eggs.  Beat and whip the Butter flavored Crisco with the two sugars as long as you wish, but once the eggs are added mix as little as possible-don’t over beat the mixture.  I’ve learned over the years that the more you mix and beat the cookie batter once the eggs are added, the more tough and cakelike the cookie will be.  And that’s my little piece of tidbit baking advice for making cookies-don’t over mix the batter once the eggs are added.  The end product will be soft, chewy cookies that you will have pleasure sinking your teeth into, especially if they are warm just out of the oven.

I thought I would then paint this evening, but after raining all day long, the sun popped out around dinner time and lured me outside after the dishes were done for a long walk. (You can see that I’m easily distracted.)  The fields and trees were fresh and clean and the pines were especially fragrant making for a pleasant walk even though I had to tromp through some muddy spots on the gravel dirt road.  And at the end of the day I had not painted, but I’m comforted knowing I can paint that picture anytime I wish since the video is stored on my laptop.  Perhaps I’ll be inspired to paint with my morning cup of coffee and chocolate chip cookies.




  1. Interesting about the cookies! We no longer use Toll House because we have “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies”. Seriously, that’s the name of the recipe and the cookies are divine! It comes from a local church, and when we talked to the owner of the recipe about her claim, she simply said “it’s the recipe my mom used!” 🙂

    Thanks for the good advice and a great slice! 🙂

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