Game Day

There’s one thing this family of mine loves, and that is playing games.  My husband and I both grew up playing cards.  In fact, I was so bored with the games we played I begged my dad to teach me a new card game.  So we got out the Book of Hoyle Card Games (anyone remember that?) and flipped through the pages until we landed on a game called Casino.  It’s a fun game that uses the basic facts up to ten.  Casino .  When I met my husband in college and we started dating, along came a rainy day so we decided to hang out and play cards.  He said,  “I want to teach you this fun card game that I grew up playing with my grandparents.”  And I said, “OK, but I also want to teach you a fun game I grew up playing.”  And we both said, “Casino.”  When my boys began dating, they taught their future wives to play the game calling it a family initiation, and once the grandkids could start adding (about age 4) we started teaching them.  So, Casino is our family’s game.

Today was a misty, cloudy and damp day; the perfect day for playing cards and games.  Along with several rounds of Casino we also played Tripoly and Frustration.  During a game break the kids found an old game called “Know Your America”, which is a trivia game about America with the categories of government, states, famous people, wars, presidents, places.  I think it was the prelude to Trivial Pursuit.  Anyway, we had a blast testing each other’s basic history knowledge (some questions were really hard) and the kids actually did OK, though we paired them with an adult.  What was most interesting were the conversations that stemmed from the game questions.  Needless to say, that game took awhile, but no one seemed to mind.

It was a fun day.  Three generations sitting around the table laughing and talking, and we even had a few tears by the youngest from losing, but she bounced back.  It was either bounce back or be left out and she wasn’t going to let herself be left out of the fun.  And the beauty of it all is that there was not a TV, computer, or tablet turned on all day.  🙂



  1. Have you heard of “Ticket to Ride”? My adult daughter loves it! It’s an all ages game and similar to Monopoly, but faster moving and with trains.

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  2. Love perfect, unity days like this. Experienced that too — we all cleaned the garage together and we did it in record time, without any sour faces.

    Just happy to be in each other’s company, y’know?

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect — great post!

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