My Two Chefs

Last night, we all scrambled to get our showers done so we could sit down and watch the Junior MasterChef show.  These grandkids LOVE this show and got us hooked with their enthusiasm.  So even though they are going home this weekend, we will tune in next week to see if their favorites move forward.  We already have plans to talk after the show.

I had breakfast plans this morning but when these two woke up they insisted on making cinnamon rolls.  When I told them it takes awhile with a yeast recipe they promptly told me they knew how to make them with a biscuit recipe.  So biscuit recipe they used, rolled out, spiced up with cinnamon, sugar, and brown sugar, and top with icing after they were cooked.  I whipped up some eggs to go with the rolls and breakfast was served and enjoyed by all.

My little chefs did a great job and I enjoyed our time together in the kitchen, as well as watching the young chefs on TV.  Storing up more memories with these two sweet children.  🙂



  1. What a great memory! My blog yesterday was about my grandmother and how her cooking is etched in my memories. You had an especially tender moment being able to cook with your grandchildren. Priceless!

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