The Good Old Days

With all of the talk lately about returning to the good old days, I played right into that with my grandchildren today.  We were going to ‘the back forty’ to pick up branches from the field and haul them to the fire.  Because we were the furthest distance from our house that we could be, the plan was to stay out there all day.  So, I packed up a cooler full of drinks and a picnic lunch, extra jackets, gloves and earmuffs in case the kids got cold (why do kids always refuse to dress appropriately for the weather), and the kids brought the chapter books they were reading with Sudoku puzzle books, while my husband packed up the chainsaws and other tools he needed.  We piled onto the wagon with all of our stuff (which looked like we were moving) and off we went.

We spent the day out there by the fire hauling branches.  And when the kids got tired, they made a blanket with all of the coats under a shade tree and laid down to read and nap.  We had a simple lunch, roasted marshmallows, talked, laughed, and shared stories.  It’s been great to see these tech savvy kids unplug for their visit with us and enjoy.  When we were talking, we talked about ‘the good old days’ how folks would leave their house for the day to work the land and not return until evening.  One thing led to another and we talked about pioneer life and the hardships they endured/women’s rights and alck there of. We just kind of grazed the surface of several topics.   All of a sudden, my grand daughter piped up and said, “Well…I don’t know why they call that the GOOD old days…it should be called those bad old days… and let’s never do those again!”  🙂

ka fun


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