The Dusty Boys

The Dusty Boys is Grandpa’s nickname for these two boys, 5 and 9.  It kind of started when they were in their Cars phase and loved Dusty the Crop Duster and then they just grew into the nickname.  When you think of boys with vivid imaginations that can turn anything into a toy, boys that love to pal around with a dog-lay on top of him, roll around in the grass with him, boys that can play hard all day and then crash and burn at night in under 5 minutes, boys that will eat you out of house and home and then still be hungry, boys that will walk 5 miles round trip on a hot day for a cheeseburger and milkshake, boys who have the kindest hearts and will hug Grandma (most of the time), that’s our Dusty Boys!

My posts are getting shorter and shorter as I am more and more tired at the end of each day.  I’m off to bed…and I think I’ll crash and burn too, in under 5 minutes!

dusty boys



  1. Your boys sound an awfully lot like mine. One minute they are talking a mile a minute, fighting off sleep with every bit of their being, then in a few short moments out cold. Great snapshot of their energy!

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