The Missed Photo

We spent the entire day outside with our two grandsons, with a big bonfire at the edge of the woods to clean up some slag (limbs and branches) from a tree harvest.  The boys loved being outside tossing sticks on the fire until Ole Riley Dog showed up diverting their attention to something more fun.  Hours later, they were preoccupied playing and Ole Riley Dog had wandered over the hilltop toward home when the boys spotted him missing.  They ran all the way up the hill calling his name, standing at the top of the hill shouting for him.  And then I heard the glee in their voice as they shouted, “He came back!”.  I stood their watching and then all three of them came running down the hill with the dog in between the boys, full speed ahead.  I just stood there enjoying the moment and that’s when I realized I should have taken a picture but the camera was in the truck, too far away as the boys were just about down the hill.  A photo opportunity missed but a memory etched that I will remember and can sketch.



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