St. Patrick’s Day

St. Paddy’s Day takes on an entirely different meaning when not in school with a class of elementary kids worried about getting pinched for not wearing green or kids wanting to pinch those not wearing green.  I always greeted the kids at the door ready to arm those that forgot their green with some kind of green shamrock sticker that would be their salvation throughout the day.

Today, at home with just my husband, I did not worry about green (though we each wore some.)  Most of my morning was spent in the kitchen making Snickerdoodle cookies for the cookie jar and a homemade chocolate cream pie.  My two grandsons (5 and 9) are going to be here tomorrow for a couple of days and the first thing they will do is check out the cookie jar.  The pie is the birthday dessert choice for the 9 year old.   Just when I was beginning to clean up, I remembered I wanted to make some Irish soda bread to go with our meal of roasted corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.  Thank goodness for the world at our fingertips as I quickly browsed and found a recipe with ingredients I had in the house.

No magical leprechaun appeared to clean up my kitchen strewn with flour from one end to another and a counter covered with dirty baking utensils, so after I tackled the task I decided I deserved a nice 4 mile walk with my friend, who luckily had time to walk as she had just popped a roast into the over.  It’s always fun to have someone to talk to on a walk.  I think I burned of a few calories, though not sure I burned more than I ate tonight.  Our St. Paddy’s dinner was delicious, as was the bread which turned out like the recipe suggested- hard and crunchy on the outside and course on the inside making it perfect for dipping in stews or soups to sop up the juice.

I was curious so I researched the corned beef/cabbage traditional meal and found out most likely Jewish corned beef was used by Irish Americans off the boat because it was easily obtainable and most similar to their bacon back home.  Read more if you want, here   Origin of corned beef and cabbage .  And so, another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone carrying on an old tradition born out of necessity.

st pats

We love our traditions…”Hey, are you wearing green?”



  1. It all sounds delicious! I love a good Irish soda bread. Coincidentally, my post today is also about food. I guess food is a popular topic. I wrote about trying to decide what to make to bring to a party. I haven’t decided yet, but writing helped me think about it.

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