Shades of Green

Good afternoon from the country where our day started out feeling like 13 degrees.  Why don’t they have the degree sign on the laptops that used to be on the typewriters on the number 8?   Did the computer designers think we’d never need to write the degree sign again?  I don’t know which to use, the ^ or the * , so I just spell it out.

Yesterday I was feeling down and singing the blues, because I was trapped inside by Old Man Winter’s Arctic blast with very little sun shine, but then I got out and went to exercise class, so that put me in better spirits.  Even though it’s still too cold for me to walk today, the sun is shining bright so I’m singing…well, a blend of the blues and yellow sunshine.   Hmmm, that means green and green means spring and I know She is surely right-around-that-corner-right-over-there.  And just that thought makes me feel happier, so I’m singing shades of green today!

In fact, my favorite color of green is ‘winter wheat green’, a very vibrant green as we come out of the dull grays and blues of winter.  It’s a promise that yes, Spring really is not too far away.

wheat green

To top off my day, my friend and I got together to paint a bouquet of flowers, Van Gogh style…that had lots of green in it, too.


So, what are you singing today?


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