Fried Rice

“I’m singing the Blues,

Stuck inside for day 2.

I’ve been moping around,

Without a Slice to write down.”

We decided to eat mid afternoon today and when I was cooking our meal, I decided it would be my Slice to write about.  After a couple of months of dating my husband in college,  I decided to cook for him (on a teeny tiny 2 burner stove in the basement of my dorm) a meal of fried rice of which I had learned to cook the year before from my Thai friends.  It was the first Asian food he had ever had, opening up an entire new world of food to him.   Whenever I cook the meal for guests he always tells people, “This was the meal that sealed the deal,” …when he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me…and my cooking.  Hmmm, did he fall in love with me first or my cooking?  🙂

It became a staple meal over the years, that he still loves as much now as he did the first time I made it for him.  My son is the main cook for his family and started cooking the meal as one of their regular work night meals.  After several explanations over the phone and trial and error, he told me he just couldn’t get it right.  The next time they came down for a visit, he asked if I’d please make fried rice so he could watch me and see what he was doing wrong.  (Now that was a fun night of cooking!)

A couple of weeks after they left I got a phone call from my son saying, “I nailed it Mom!  My fried rice turned out perfect just like yours!  And from now on, every time I make fried rice I’m going to call you!”  … I love  my fried rice phone calls!  



  1. What a perfect connection between mom and son. I used to think I couldn’t stand my mom’s cooking…then I grew up and still crave her meatloaf.


  2. Love it! My younger son has taken on quite a few of my recipes, he is the true cook in the family. My older son is married to a ‘way to amazing’ cook to ever need to think of picking up a spatula. I stand by my daughter in law’s elbow learning how to cook!


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