Snow Day

Usually the words “Snow Day” means a day off of school and brings shouts of joy from kids and moans and groans from teachers, because the teachers know that any snow day means an extended school year into the summer…and who wants to give up those nice days for a cold, snowy one?


Now that I’m retired, a snow day just means a day of snow.  A day to sit and watch the huge flakes drift quietly to the ground.  A day to stay inside by a warm fire.  A day to bundle up and take a walk in a wonderland of white without any cares or worries.


This is it for us-Old Man Winter’s last hurrah before Spring pushes him out the door.  His blizzard fury built and grew as he made his way east across the country intending to hit the coast with one Blast of a Blizzard before he makes his way out to sea not to be seen again until next year…we hope.  Stay warm and stay safe my friends on the East Coast.



  1. I am hoping that we get some nice snow here in Ohio – I wouldn’t hate a snow day tomorrow either! We haven’t had a snow day in two years, and we could really use one!

    Your description is so peaceful.

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  2. Everything has shut down in advance of tomorrow’s Nor’easter. Seeing as last year’s blizzard happened on a Saturday, I’d say lots of people are already freaking out.

    Not sure if you’ll get hit out where you are, but if you do, please stay safe and enjoy the snow from indoors!

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