Supplemental Retirement Income

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After staying snuggled in yesterday, we had to get out and walk today.  The bright sunshine was beckoning so the cold temperature of 32 and a wind chill of 24, didn’t deter-I just bundled up.  I wore long johns under my jeans with wool socks on my feet, a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, and a long heavy men’s shirt for the outer layer (a great $5 bargain on Walmart’s clearance rack), 2 pair of gloves, and earmuffs.  Ok-it sounds like I probably over dressed, and I did have to take off the outer shirt half way through but the rest of me did not get cold at all, so I’m thinking I nailed it pretty good.

We walked a total of 7 miles on the country gravel roads enjoying the cows, domestic turkeys, horses, and chickens as we picked up aluminum cans along the way.   I even saw my first robin of the season.  Talking without media interruption, walking, squatting or bending to get the can after stomping it, climbing up embankments to get the cans from the ambitious throwers, and alternating arms to carry the bag as it grows heavier-lots of exercise on an enjoyable walk  And while we’re out there, we clean up the roads a little bit and get to visit with folks that stop to chat.  Today one guy offered up the 15 cans he had tossed in the back of his truck.  Now those were easy pickin’s. After we walk our 4 different routes, we take the cans in and usually get about $20-$25.  It’s easy money, because we are out walking anyway…it’s like getting paid to exercise and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Look at these colorful faces!  That’s how blue I’d look if I hadn’t bundled up!

IMG_1256 (800x600)

Flash forward to the evening and look at this beautiful moon rise worth more than its weight in gold!

FIMG_1277 (800x600)



  1. I had to click over to see this since the title sounds so much like click bait! “Make easy money at home! Ask me how!” People in your area must really toss a lot of cans. In college, my roommate and I were from states that had had can refunds for our entire childhoods, but most of our classmates were not. So we’d collect all the cans and take ourselves out to dinner on the proceeds from time to time.

    The description of your layers really made me feel how cold it must be where you are as well.


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