Be Gone

snow dusting

A powdered sugar dusting is all we got.  We woke up to a snow dusting and after a couple of cups of coffee, it was gone.  The ground is just too warm to let Old Man Winter linger-Spring did her thing!  Oh, for the next week, he’ll breathe his freezing cold temperatures down on us at night, but she’ll counteract with her own warm presence during the day.  This week is the true show down battle between the two, and after her jonquil tease, Spring will finally enjoy her season.


As for us on this cold day?   Like these two ducks, we’ll just hang out.


I’m going to make some homemade bread with sesame seeds so we can make our own Muffuletta sandwiches for dinner, hanging on to a Mardi Gras treat, though Mardi Gras has come and gone; hot soup and sandwiches are perfect for today.
We’ll keep the home fire going all day in the fireplace and stay warm and toasty.  I might even be old fashioned and let my bread dough rise on the hearth.  The bigger question, what will I do to occupy my time???  Do some art and write blog comments.  🙂


    • I’m enjoying it for what it is and am cleaning out drawers this weekend so I’ll be ready for spring and the weather she brings.. 🙂


  1. Winter and spring are fighting here as well. 60s one week and a real feel of 8 the next. I am hoping spring wins out soon!


  2. Being out in the cold, biting wind, driving 120 miles for State Speech, spending the day with a TON of speech geeks (and I say this in the kindest way possible, because I was once one of them), then to travel home, I want that warm feeling I get from your slice! Thank you for painting a picture of a day that could have been! 🙂


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