Mail Carrier

When I lived in the suburbs it was The Mail Carrier that delivered my mail.  While I got to know my mailman for a few years (he was good), it didn’t last long because the post office was constantly rotating the carriers around so that everyone got to share the good with the bad mail carriers.    You never realize the value of a good mail carrier until you get a bad one.

When I was a teenager in a long distance romance, our postman loved delivering my letters because the envelopes were always elaborately decorated.  When the romance ended, I tied up all of the envelopes (it was a huge stack) and gifted them to him, which he seemed to enjoy.  He said he’d enjoy looking at them when he retired.  Who knows if he really kept them, but imagine how much more fun decorated envelopes are to deliver.  Now I decorate my envelopes when I send a snail.

Now I live in the country and I never mind going to the post office because I rarely have to wait more than a minute or two.  But the very best part is that I have an awesome mail lady that cares and goes over and beyond the call of duty to serve her customers.  I try to time my walk out to the mailbox so that I can visit with her for a minute or two.  It turns out we have a lot in common and a friendship has blossomed.

Today is her birthday and I wish my friend and My Mail Carrier the very best day ever.




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