I missed a very important phone call this afternoon.  My husband answered the phone and it was our 9 year old grand daughter calling.  He barely got out a hello before she said,  “I’m bored so I’m calling to talk to Grandma.”  She was disappointed I wasn’t home but talked with Grandpa for a few minutes.   And then I was disappointed when I heard I missed a very important phone call.

After a couple of rounds of phone tag, we talked and shared our days like girlfriends-what was boring, what was fun.  We live about 3 hours apart, so I don’t get to see my grand kids too often, but more often than if I lived a state or two away.   I think we are the last family in the country to hold out with cell phones/smart phones; so when we talk it’s on a telephone.  My sons and their wives are in their mid 30s and do not have cell phones, either.  We all used to but got tired of the outrageous fees.  I do believe, though, the first person to get one will be my grand daughter…she’d have one yesterday if she could.

Whatever the phone, I love that she called, “just to chat.”



    • Thanks Pat. When she found out I was at art, she started questioning Grandpa about what I was painting and wondered why he didn’t know. 🙂


  1. I was imagining all sorts of important calls you might have missed, but I didn’t think of this sweet one! I love your description of talking “like girlfriends.” You are indeed so lucky to have a granddaughter who wants to call and chat.

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  2. It was difficult to let go of our land line for sure but there are times you want to miss the call. Although I would be upset to miss a call to chat from my grandkids. It sounds like even though you are a distance away you have a special relationship.

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  3. How lovely! I sometimes fantasize about a cellphone free life–but I don’t think I could ever carry it off! Enjoy chatting with your granddaughter! 🙂

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