Ole Riley

Finally, I was able to get out and take a long 4 mile walk today.  Up the hill, down the hill, up a bigger hill, down the hill…up and down I went.  It’s taking some acclimating after walking at the flat beach this winter where the biggest hill was a curb on the road.  It was a cool and breezy bright, sunny day.  My faithful surrogate dog joined me.  He’s my neighbor’s dog that I get to hug and love and walk with and then send home to his owner to feed and take care of him.  It’s the perfect way to have a dog.  🙂

Ole Riley only walks when he goes with me; basically because I’m the only one around here that walks.  So up and down the country roads we went.  He does great enjoying his doggy scents along the way.  But when we approach a house with other dogs, he’s a big weeny tot.  He puts ‘me’ in between him and the other dogs.  Some guard dog.  The only other bad thing about him walking with me is he loves a good chase…as in vehicles that go zipping by.  If I don’t get a hold of his collar before the car gets near, he is gone like the wind chasing the car.  And then I get mad at him and send him home, though he never goes.  He just slinks along behind me all sad faced-knowing he did something wrong but couldn’t resist the urge.  It’s in his DNA-he’s part Blue Heeler and part Golden Retriver…he was born to chase and run.   He’s still the perfect dog because no matter how sad he looks, he always has a happy face…he’s so darn cute!




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