The Muscles

I figured I’d finish this out as a trilogy-The Trees, The Branches, The Muscles.

After 2 months of doing nothing more than casting a fishing pole and beach walking, my muscles were rudely awakened out of their dormancy with a day of HPL (Hard Physical Labor) that consisted of lifting and tossing branches.   And feeling energetic and powerful after all of that work, I also decided to start in with a sit up and push up regime…silly me.

The next day, my muscles got even.  Whenever I moved in any direction, I could feel every single forgotten muscle from the hips up.  But that’s good because that means there was some HPL going on.  My legs are doing fine, though.  You see, I’m a walker and it was so easy to walk at the beach.  I just went out the door and down the steps and there was the sand-barefoot for short walks, sneakers for long ones.  And because it was so easy, I took multiple walks throughout the day-a sunrise and sunset walk were certainties everyday except for the few with rain.  I kept a walking log and was amazed that in January and February I walked 233.4 miles!   🙂

And now that I’m home, I’ve only walked 5.6 miles for the month of March…1 day sitting in the car, 1 day sick, 1 day of HPL, and 2 days of rain.  Plus, it’s cold.  I got quite used to temps in the 60s-70s and these 40s-50s are not as much fun to just pop out and walk.  But, even though it’s overcast, windy, and cold I’m going to bundle up and squeeze out a mile in between rain bursts…and then do my sit up and push up workout just so those stomach muscles know who’s boss.




  1. Good for you! I walk with a friend once a week, even if it is 18 degrees out, or sometimes even colder. I enjoy our walks, during with we try to solve the problems of the world! LOL. I think I should be walking more and will try once this nasty cold I have disaapears.Glad to hear you are making a conscious effort.

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    • I love walking with a girlfriend…and yes, we too, attempt to solve the problems of the world! 🙂 Thanks for popping in.


    • Thanks! I just have to trudge through the not so perfect walking conditions…like that mile in the mud that I just did! 🙂


  2. Good for you! It is all relative, isn’t it? Where I live is cold this time of year, and we’ve had an unseasonably warm spell–in the fifties today! For us, that’s like mini-summers. Still too cold for beach walking, but so much better that snow! Keep those leg muscles goin’! 🙂

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