The Trees

I’ve traded in my bare feet and flip flops for work boots and wool socks.  I’m back home and back to HPL (Hard Physical Labor).  Most of my HPL consists of helping my husband deal with The Trees on our place-whether it’s branches that have fallen on fences or in the fields after a windstorm or it’s a tree that needs to be taken down and processed by hauling the branches off and stacking the rest for firewood.

He cuts with the chainsaw and I haul.  He always gives me the choice to work the chainsaw or haul branches.  I can work the chainsaw and do so occasionally just to stay in practice, but those suckers get heavy real fast; so I prefer to pull the branches out from where they fall and stack them on the wagon to be hauled away.   When the wagon is full, I tractor it over to The Pile where we are stacking.  I can’t just dump the branches but have to pull them off the wagon a couple at a time and toss them onto the pile we are building to burn in the future once they are dried.  Pulling from the wagon is harder because the branches get all entwined with each other.  But I have my stacking down to a science and don’t struggle too much.  My philosophy is to try and just handle the branches twice-pull and toss onto the wagon and then pull and toss onto the pile.  It’s the same with the logs-pick up and stack in the wagon and then pick up and stack in the wood pile.

When I’m pulling and tossing and tractoring, I always think about ‘the good old days’ that folks are always wanting to get back to; and I’m glad of one thing-I have a home full of modern conveniences that I’ll be enjoying when I’m done working.

The very best part of my HPL day is I feel no guilt later in the afternoon when I want to Just Sit and paint or write or read.  I feel like I’ve earned the time and my body needs the rest so it’s a win-win deal!



    • Thanks! I always think about Little House on the Prairie when I’m out there working and so glad I come back to the modern world when I’m done. 🙂


  1. I do this with school work. I get up and get my teens on their way and by 7:30 in the morning I am doing the homework for my second Master’s degree. By 10am, when I have a coffee break I feel accomplished. It makes the rest of the day more pleasant and relaxed.

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