Cowboy Up

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They come from far and wide across the great state of Texas riding horses and pulling covered wagons.  It’s a tradition for people to ride the trail to Houston to open the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  I’m not sure if it’s the largest one in the country, but it’s a very big deal in Houston, TX.  One month a year, people across the town wear their western gear from cowboy hats and boots to fancy western clothes or plain old blue jeans with a white shirt.

There is a story about the gal who got off the plane in Houston (her very first visit to the great city) and saw everyone everywhere wearing their western clothes.  She eagerly went shopping.  The next morning she proudly donned her new western clothes, boots, and hat and stepped out to blend in…but she stuck out.  You see, she had arrived on the last day of the western extravaganza, after which, all western attire is put away until the following year.

But what a fun tradition.  Schools get in on the excitement with writing and art contests, the community plays up the theme, and everyone-cowboy or not-goes to the Livestock Show and Rodeo, if for no other reason than to see a concert put on by one of the greats like George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, or Alan Jackson (to name a few of my favorites that I’ve seen).   And if a school is lucky and is on the route of a group of trail riders, lessons come to a halt and the students line up and watch them parade by-fevered with the excitement of the good ole western days when everyone rode a horse.  And any great teacher…will build that theme right into her lessons for the day and month.


Cowboy Up!  It’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo time!


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