Winter Texan Time is Over

Our first morning on the beach was shrouded in fog and our last morning on the beach is shrouded in fog.  I feel like I’ve drifted through these past two months in my own La La Land dream world.  It has been a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable time spent running and walking, fishing and beaching (my  own invented verb) and watching the birds.  As I tried to photograph them in the fog, I realized this morning that many of them are shades of black, white and grey, blending in too well with the grey foggy beach.

I’ve spent time with old friends and met some fantastic new friends older than me (all 80+ years old with one gentleman being 88) that have become my inspiration…travel is an ageless mindset.   Like migrating birds, they all fled the north to enjoy the warmer days of winter in Texas; and now it’s time for us to all return back home.


While it may feel like I’ve been dancing my way through La La Land, the blessings are real.  I’ve been blessed on this trip to meet so many wonderful people that have lit up my world with their friendships and positive outlooks on life!


I’m ready to get back home to see my family and friends and greet Spring as she sings and dances her way back into our lives.

And I’m excited to begin my second year of writing a Slice of Life story everyday for the month of March, meeting new writing friends, and reconnecting with writers I enjoyed reading last year.  There are so many wonderful blog writers out there writing about everything under the sun that lures the reader in.  I find myself on the computer more during this month long challenge discovering and reading everyone’s Slice of Life stories.



  1. The beach…one of my favorite places to be 🙂 I am so jealous- my weeks have been filled with snow and cold. I need some sunshine, warm weather, sandy toes and salty hair…ahh couple more months and then I’m off to that world!


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