Barefoot in the Fog

My day was a circle story, starting out and ending with a barefoot walk in the fog.

I woke up to a very dense, foggy morning, but that did not stop me from taking my morning barefoot stroll in the surf with my ‘cuppa joe’.


Just me and the fog and a few seagulls makes for a peaceful, meditative way to start the day.  I spent a wonderful day barefoot on the beach walking, fishing, and sitting with my feet buried in the warm sand.

A sunset stroll in the surf is a perfect way to end the day, too.  It was not as foggy as this morning but misty enough to get my hair damp.  I was treated to this beautiful pink glow from the setting sun…no picture tweaking with color.


Being barefoot makes me feel like a kid…and that’s always a good thing, right?



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