Kayak Trek

It was a beautiful day with minimal wind-perfect for kayaking across a large body of water.


My husband and I have been kayaking before up a small, calm river.  Today, we went kayaking in a bay for the first time in tandem kayaks.   Naturally, a boat went zipping through the channel just before we began to cross and that meant waves.  Pointed toward the waves, we did fine bobbing up and down with the swells and then we got out of sync-our boat went down and a big swell went up and over the bow right into my lap!  The water was cold, so my first instinct was to jump, but I resisted with great restraint not wanting to rock the boat and end up overboard in the water.  After that, the rest of the trip was smooth sailing, I mean paddling.


For our first time out on the open water, we did really well…in spite of that swell.



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